PokéStop Submission Available In PoGo

Hey friends, How’s your day going? I hope you are catching a lot pokémons.

I have a special news to share with you. Niantic just pushed an update for pokéstop submission through Pokémon GO app.

Though this is available to limited L40 players. Check your account, if you have got it or not. If you haven’t, Don’t get sad. You will get it within a month or so. For now, It was matter of luck.

They are giving 7 nominations for Pokéstop every 14 days. This is a satisfactory amount though, if you ask me.

Now, You can ask some L40 players around to make Pokéstops for you. Give them parties, you gotta treat them well.

Tell me, How excited are you after this update?! Also, Rayquaza special raid weekend is coming soon. Don’t forget to save passes for it.

Good luck to everyone. Catch, Train and become pokémon master.


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