How to root LG K10? Can LG K10 be rooted?

Today, We will learn how to root LG K10 in 10 minutes.

#1. Preparing LG K10 for rooting

Firstly, Head towards the setting then select Developer Options from it. There you will find two options for OEM unlocking, and USB debugging, turn on both the setting. It will allow us to unlock the Boot Loader for further rooting purposes.

#2. Now, Rooting process starts for LG K10

can lg k10 root or it can be rooted

Plug your LG K10 into the computer with ADB in it (you can find it on XDA here). Sometimes it may not work so you can search for LG Device Drivers.

As you have already plugged your device in. Start the ADB command window by right clicking on the folder of  ADB simultaneously holding shift to open the command window there. Now, Type “adb devices”. If nothing happens after putting command or it says command is not recognized. Restart your device and plug it again.

If you see your device, you are good to go.


Continuing the process type in “adb reboot fastboot” in the command window. this will make your device boot into another screen, you are good to go. 😉

After this Download the custom recovery from TWRP from here and Copy-Paste it into the folder in which you have installed or kept adb. Also, change the name of downloaded file to “recovery.img” i.e. rename it.

  • Type “fastboot flash recovery.img recovery”. Message will pop up saying sending to recovery or anthing similar to that.
  • Reboot your lg k10 into recovery mode by typing “fastboot reboot recovery” in the command window.
  • Congratualtions if your smartphone boots into TWRP. Enjoy!

Boot your phone into the system by using the menu in the phone.

  • Perform basic first time setting up of your device
  • Download the root zip file from SuperSU and transfer it to storage using file explorer on the computer and put the file into the download folder on the of your device.

You can boot back into TWRP by holding down a key on the phone or using ADB whatever you feel is easy.

Navigate to install menu in TWRP after this find the download folder which is /sdcard/download and perform the installation of the zip file.

At last, restart your device and boom ! Root is enabled in your LG K10.

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